Altar for the Past

Project Overview
Maryland Institute College of Art had its first ArtWalk, the senior graduation show, for the first time since the pandemic. For this exhibition, a 3D printed interactive art piece was installed for view. During my semester abroad in Florence, I was a tour guide at the Santa Maria del Fiore cathedral until my time abruptly ended due to the pandemic. Even before the pandemic, the Duomo served as a place for grief and consolation. The recent events in my life frantically unraveled material and immaterial possessions I took for granted, inspiring me to focus on memory and loss. Items are lost forever and events pass by without us being able to rightfully process what happened. Recreating the place I once regularly inhabited what seems like a lifetime ago, the Altar for the Past serves as a cabinet of curiosity to house a collection of memories.
Each part was printed separately and joined together using tension pins to fit it into the 3D printer with an 8x8 inch bed. The entire structure was designed first, and then they were divided up to be able to fit into the print bed. For further shine and emphasis on texture, each part was clamped together with acrylic weld and then spray painted.